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Princesse à Paris?

Sometimes I really do like to go against the expectations others might hold of me. Earlier this week I hopped on the Eurostar and travelled across to Paris to meet with a gentleman. We usually spend time together whenever he flies into London but our schedules had clashed the previous few occasions and so we’d arranged to meet in Paris instead as the next available opportunity to create some fun together.

I love the excitement of going on an adventure. I know I’m meant to play it cool but quite frankly that’s boring. I did refrain from bouncing in my seat though.

The Eurostar arrives directly into Gard du Nord and he had suggested that I pre-book a taxi to save me the hassle of queuing, which was a thoughtful suggestion but I decided that I would use the Metro instead. Having looked ahead before travelling, I saw that our hotel was within walking distance of a Metro station and I could take the M4 line directly from the station.

Yes, it smells, yes, it is dirty and yes, it is crowded, but more importantly, we had not seen each other for nearly six weeks and I wanted to be able to arrive as soon as I could rather than sit in the taxi for goodness how long taking up valuable time together. When I arrived, he was surprised that I had chosen to take the Metro. Needless to say, he was also very pleased too. That is the advantage of a Dominant Companion, when we want something, we go ahead and make it happen rather than being a princess passively sat in the back of a taxi.

What can I say about Paris? As always, I won’t share the details but suffice to say I was glad I packed plenty of rope. The hotel had some interesting furniture, which came in very handy. Think contemporary Scandinavian style meets Fetters.

That’s the great thing about hotels; you just work with what you have. A little creativity and some rope and you can transform a day bed into a bondage frame. Finally, some candles added to the atmosphere. Thank you to E for the adventure. Although next time, you’re definitely getting the gag and you know why…

Even the Metro stations in Paris are stylish with an art nouveau elegance. The inside however, is entirely different. Less romantic, more rancid. Still, the London Underground isn’t exactly a fragrant flower either.


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