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Choos, Glorious Choos

I’m not a woman with a large shoe collection. I enjoy having a few select beautiful pieces that are uniquely adored rather than an overflowing closet of shoddily made pairs that are barely worn and appreciated. This isn’t a philosophy exclusive to shoes but one that encompasses all aspects of my life.

Neither am I woman who shows off for the sake of showing off but these new beautiful shoes do deserve to be shown off so here they are.

Jimmy Choos with a 5 inch heel. Effortless gliding is possible with some effort.

Even harder is trying to photograph one’s own feet from the front. Good balance and bendiness essential. Yet still, the photographs do not do them justice. They are even better in the flesh as it were.

They were a wonderful birthday gift, belated for a number of reasons, but well worth waiting for I think you’ll agree.

Now, as much as I do love the special shiny shiny things that are gifted to me, the real gift that I see when I look at my beautiful new shoes are the gifts of submission and adoration. Not only does my inner shoe fetishist smile but my Dominant heart swells too.

So, to A- thank you not only for the shoes, but for your courageous spirit and your willingness to be led with trust and an open heart. It is always a pleasure.


8 thoughts on “Choos, Glorious Choos

  1. cocaine_lab says:

    No no please don’t think I was trying to rush you, I’ve had problems with gmail this week i.e. my mail has been stuck in cyberspace/not sending, I thought perhaps it hadn’t got through to you.

    Patience is my middle name.


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