London Mistress

My Dominant Glow

In typical fashion, this is not the post I had written for today but I feel inspired to share my good mood and go with the flow.

There are days when it feels as though the whole world was made entirely for you and today seems to be one of those days.

As I walk down the street, crowds of people seem to part for me, strangers (men and women) smile at me, hold doors open for me, shop assistants go out of their way to help me, they also seem to be shyly flirting with me; I am brazenly flirting with them too.

I am positively fizzing with energy. It might be arctic temperatures out there but I have been gliding though town like a hot knife though butter.

I have had a couple of excellent encounters this week, one 5 hours long and another 8 hours long and both quite different but fun for various reasons. I have teased and tormented. I have basked in the dark hush of the theatre and I have inflicted pain in a bright modern dungeon space. I have been both cruel and kind, and I have enjoyed both.

I have a serious case of ‘Domme space’ and I know it. However, it seems that the rest of London knows it too.

So, if you’re out in town and see a woman emerge from the crowd in a long black coat, the tails caught aloft in the breeze as she strides into the distance, that might just be me.

How will you know it’s me? I think my Dominant glow gives me away.

Better than Ready Brek.

Better than Ready Brek.


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