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Maid to Measure

Excuse the terrible pun. I simply couldn’t resist. Here is last week’s post now that I have my Dominant Glow out of my system, though if yesterday is anything to go by, I am very much still a-flicker.

I may have watched a little too much Downton Abbey recently but I find myself hankering for not only service-orientated submissives but also those of gender bending persuasion too.

Since I only see a select number of people, clothing will be discussed, shopped for and kept here for each individual. I want each person to have their own collection of exquisite items that is for them and them only. I want a rich delight of sensual silks, smooth nylons and tightly-cinched corseted waists. A bounty of soft feminine fabrics, flowing from one sensation to the next.

Note that whilst I thoroughly love male to female cross-dressing, the traditional sissy outfits don’t appeal to me and I very much prefer authentic-heightened feminisation to the typical one size fits all flammable-synthetic-sissy look.

I would certainly prefer to see my girls in clothes that are well fitted and suited to them and their individual personalities rather than squeezed into something that doesn’t quite look or feel right.

I’m very happy in the role of Lady of the House in my elegant finery, but I want to explore some other roles such as Madam too. So, although I am looking for housemaids and ladies maids, I’m also looking for those who fantasise about being high-class whores and possibly common tarts. Of course, my interests aren’t limited to the above; I am open to other forms feminisation play so long as it involves soft, delicate fabrics and fabulous shoes.

Anyone feeling man enough to come and be my pretty plaything should get in touch.


5 thoughts on “Maid to Measure

  1. subgent says:

    May I recommend this match making service please Miss Fitzgerald.

    Whilst very service oriented, the idea of dressing up has never appealed. Personal man servant or butler – Yes please! :-) At the end of day, you are the boss and I’m sure it would be an absolute delight to be forced to wear an outfit of your choosing.


    • Well subgent, I am not discriminatory- I do enjoy a good quality manservant or butler. Especially with the whitest of white gloves and a starched collar ;)

      Thank-you for the suggested link- do you have personal experience of using that site? Is it very active? You can always email me if you don’t wish to say here.


  2. subgent says:

    Miss Fitzgerald,

    Thank you for your reply.

    As with most forums it has the usual spam, but I have been introduced to a couple of Dominant women via the site who require no-strings-attached domestic service (cleaning, errands, menial tasks).

    As for your requirements, I don’t think it my place to dictate terms. You say jump, I say how high :-)


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