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Together in Electric Dreams

Well, it might be Valentine’s Day but I have to say that I’m not a fan of the commercial and inherently prescriptive nature of such a day.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy romance. I am an unapologetic romantic. I even love the classics- strolls on the beach at sunset, dancing and kissing in the pouring rain to the heady throb of thunder above…

I have even been serenaded with a song written for me (thank you GH, you will always have a special place in my heart even though you may never read this). I have received many love poems over the years, some terrible, some rather good, but have been touched by the heart of them all because love speaks with substance, not with style. I have spent a summer naked being painted in oils onto canvas (which I hear he later tempestuously burnt on a bonfire). In short, I am a lover of love and all that entails. Therefore, since I embrace all these experiences, not to mention many more, why would I settle on just one day a year?

As you might guess, I am a woman that is slightly more high maintenance than the average. By which I mean that I do not settle for a bunch of red roses, however classic they may be and certainly never a soft toy.

My lovely ErosTek 232. Not a gift from a suitor, but a gift from myself: "To Me, with love from Me xxx".

My lovely ErosTek 232. Not a gift from a suitor, but a gift from myself: “To Me, with love from Me xxx”.

When the masses of ring-bearing, flower-wielding masses have left the restaurants, I will be there with my new toy and a suitor. Because, nothing says ‘I adore you and would crawl across hot coals for you’ more than the fiery sparks of an uretheral probe across a candle-lit dinner.

Some of us just like to do it a different way…. Happy Valentine’s to you all. Go and treat yourself to something nice.


2 thoughts on “Together in Electric Dreams

  1. Lobo Rojo says:

    I wonder if this will somehow find a way to perform in concert with your new found interest in needle play! Do electrics and needles play nice in the same sandbox? Just wondering.


    • I have been wondering too, and with the right attachments for the electrics this could work. My initial thought is: insulated mini crocodile clips but I don’t see them for the Erostek. More research will be required.


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