London Mistress, Travel

Caribbean Travel Companion

I am currently away from London and sunning myself in the Caribbean.

Yes, it's a hard life...

Yes, it’s a hard life…

Although my gentleman friend is not into overt Female Domination, he did say over breakfast this morning:

“Well, you’re in charge, you make all the decisions and I will do whatever you say we do”.

He saw my smile and added finally: “You’re the Boss”.

Well, if that isn’t music to my ears then the classical guitar music playing from inside the villa as I sit here by the pool, certainly is.

So, here I am a travel companion to a man without any BDSM interests but who appreciates my Dominant personality and the relief of constant decision-making it affords him in my company.

As for me, well, I do like to be in charge and so have created a plan for our time together here. The restaurants have been chosen, the week’s trips out have been selected and he seems very happy to just go with the flow. Quite frankly, there isn’t a huge amount planned, it’s a relaxing holiday, not a sightseeing tour. Thankfully, I find it relaxing to be in charge, and he finds it relaxing to not be in charge for once.

Until my return…


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