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Travel Companion Testimonial

My not-so-vanilla companion to the Caribbean, who I shall call ‘R’, has kindly written a testimonial to add to my site, which I thought I would post here first. I also want to clarify something which might not be obvious upon reading R’s writing.

Firstly, not everyone is into heavy BDSM, some are and that’s great, and some need the lightest of D/s touches to make the connection work.

Secondly, there is a difference between a submissive man and a man who enjoys to submit. R is the latter.

So, with all the ellipsis abuse, lack of commas where appropriate (such as before ‘which’) and missing hyphens, here is R’s testimonial:

I’ve never considered myself to be a submissive person but upon reflection and with the help of Miss Olivia I am now convinced that I am certainly submissive to some extent.  Throughout my life and in all of my relationships I have been the giver and the pleaser…Miss Olivia has been instrumental in me coming to this revelation…and it is a very large burden taken off of my mind!

I have been visiting the UK from North America for a number of years and have met a number of paid companions over the years, while these experiences have been pleasant I was looking for something more… I was hoping to form a genuine connection/relationship with someone. I met Miss Olivia and we became close friends almost immediately, she is a very passionate and easy going companion who makes you feel immediately at ease.  Visiting with Miss Olivia is a high point of my visits to the UK…I regret that I don’t visit more often.

I’ve known Miss Olivia for some time now and have spent a few overnight visits with her.  Miss Olivia has proven to be an excellent companion and frankly I consider her to be a very close friend.  Our time together is always special and when we are out in public she is very exciting to be with. Miss Olivia has amazing natural beauty and intelligence and is a real and genuine person and enjoyable to be with.

I recently planned a vacation to a Caribbean island and not wanting to spend all of my time alone I invited Miss Olivia to join me for a week of fun and relaxation in the sun.  Miss Olivia made our week together very relaxing and she is quite the tease which I thoroughly enjoy.

Over the week, we enjoyed our time together as a couple; ate dinner at a number of fine restaurants; toured some of the tourist sites that the island had to offer; prepared meals together; enjoyed some excellent wine; and of course played a continuous game of tempt and deny which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Miss Olivia has helped me find my true self, recognize the submissive element to my personality.  When we are together I feel young again and having this beautiful, young woman as my companion certainly relieves the day to day stress of life.  Miss Olivia is truly a genuine courtesan and I would recommend her to gentlemen wishing to meet a very attractive, selective and high quality companion. Miss Olivia and I have already begun to discuss two further one week visits this year…I’m truly smitten with this woman!

Thank you, Miss Olivia for being there and helping me to find myself!

Miss Olivia says: R, you’re very welcome. Thank-you for a marvellous week. We shall speak about grammatical structure next time we meet as well as the difference between left and right!


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