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Blogging and Discretion

Not always an easy combination but often a necessary one, especially in the demi-monde world.


This is another post I’ve sat on my hands wanting to write for a while but felt unable to until I had chance to speak with one of the parties involved.

I recently had the unnerving experience of reading someone else’s blog and recognising the person she was talking about. In fact, it was very obvious to me who she was talking about. Now, she need not have said any names because a few little details here and there cried out to me: “That’s ‘E’!”

These weren’t private secrets that hardly anyone would know; these were publicly known facts about a person. Individually very innocent, but when looked at together created a very vivid image of one person.

Now, it was all terribly complimentary and I’m sure she thought she was doing a good thing by writing about him in her blog but that isn’t the point. It didn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out who she was talking about, and if I could, then others could too.

Even more worrying was that when I had the opportunity to speak with ‘E’, he had no knowledge that this person had blogged about him at all.

As someone who veers on the side of caution when blogging, to the point where most of the really juicy stuff doesn’t make the cut here, I have to say I was horrified when I realised her indiscretion.

As for the other person involved? Well, I left it up to him how he wants to deal with it. It’s not my life all over a professional companion’s blog. Although I now see that the post in question has been removed. Hence, I felt I could finally publish this post without creating some virtual game of ‘Guess Who?’, which serves no purpose but to create drama and gossip.

So what is the purpose of this post? To say:

Fellow bloggers beware! This is the danger with blogging about a secret life- that it’s not just your secret life that you reveal, but someone else’s too.





12 thoughts on “Blogging and Discretion

  1. Absolutely. This is why I mainly talk about my philosophy behind companionship, being a companion, and the demimonde instead of individual experiences. I can hardly ask for discretion (ie. no reviews) and earn trust in receiving a client’s personal information, if I then turn around and blog about our time together.


    • Claudia,

      I quite agree, especially on the point of trust, although I do think that there are ways and means of talking about shared time together without being indiscreet, but maybe that’s another blog post entirely.



  2. laughinglivingladylover says:

    Hey Olivia–do you remember me? Thedreamingsub. Are you still on second life? I am joining up right now, but I don’t know much about it.


  3. Hi Olivia!
    I personally have felt my blog was limited because not wanting to expose my counterparts in my adventures. I don’t consider myself much of a writer to be clever (must….work…harder!) enough to disguise the truth, so I don’t publish the juicy stories that I feel would balance out my blog. Like Claudia, my own opinions and personal happenings come naturally. I LOOOVE your blog. You make me want to make my blog better.
    New reader here!


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