Life’s a Beach

I know I had said that my next blog post would be on Female-Led Relationships and Courtisanerie but that requires more time to write than I have to spare so you will have to be patient.

I’m currently away- location undisclosed. My companion has just gone to a business meeting and I have the day to enjoy the beach and sunshine. We’ve had the weekend together to explore the area and have some fun. Additionally, I have a surprise planned for tonight. My bag has been rather light on toys and equipment on this trip but the focus has been on learning how to please me and how to find pleasure in pleasing. Essentially, one of the central principles of a relationship with me.

I return tomorrow night, have all day with a gent the next day and then fly out to the South of France the following day to meet another gent.

So, as much as I want to write that post, it will have to wait but I will spend some time thinking about what I want to say as I lie there topless basking in the glorious warmth. In the meantime, I’ll share a photo of me on the beach from yesterday:

You didn't think that I would post a photo of myself topless did you?

You weren’t hoping that I would post a photo of myself topless were you?

In other amusing news, it seems that last week’s blog post has sparked further desires to provide luxurious bathing settings for me. This week: a huge bathtub in the middle of my room. A relaxed Mistress is a happy Mistress.

Oh, maybe a little tease…

Oh, maybe a little tease… If you look very closely you can spot a nipple.



2 thoughts on “Life’s a Beach

  1. Bruce says:

    Dear Miss Fitzgerald

    I am very much taken by the line “… learning how to please me and how to find pleasure in pleasing”. There are those of us for whom this is already a strong desire that we spend much of our time keeping these thoughts under control lest we appear like over-eager puppies. For us, the setting free of these desires under finesse and direction is a liberating experience.

    Where there is little or no such latent desire, I wonder whether it is easy (or even possible) to learn or is a longer period of tuition is needed? Maybe it is one of the differences between being submissive and being one who enjoys acts of submission?



    • Bruce,

      That is assuming there is no latent desire. I think most men are eager to please, whether submissive, one who enjoys to submit or plain old vanilla. However, learning how to go deeper into the experience and take mental, physical and emotional note of what is happening for them during the experience does require tuition for some. So, the learning is based more upon an emotionally articulate engagement of being submissive rather than being submissive or being one who enjoys to submit in itself.

      Kind regards,

      Miss Fitzgerald


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