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Every now then a rule is meant to be broken- even my own- if for a very good reason.

The reason? Because my love of genuine connection goes above my desire to only engage in long-term regular arrangements. It’s a very good reason indeed: there is nothing quite like the intense D/s connection.

He approached me so carefully, so nervously that, well, it just whetted my appetite and made me curious. I was also curious about whether a one-off meeting would work for me as well as regular connections do.

In the end though, the one-off wasn’t a one-off, it was a glorious weekend and then a final day together before he left, which actually turned into two days.

I’m reluctant to say anything here, not least for discretion but because I hold that time together as sacredly ours and not for sharing. In short, he won a place in my heart.

So, what is a pining Mistress to do?

I had a long list of things to do today but I decided that it could wait and that I would be kind to myself. I took my lunch to St James’ Park, sat on the grass and enjoyed the sunshine. I picked daisies and listened to Big Ben chime in the background. I tried not to think of him.

Nutritious green goo juice- not only healthy but well camouflaged.

Nutritious green goo juice- not only healthy but well camouflaged.

I walked up Bond Street and realised at the end that I had not even looked at any of the shiny shiny things in the windows. I had been thinking of him.

I walked through Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, ambling along replaying happy memories.

I even stopped to smell the roses.

I even stopped to smell the roses.

Little did he know that he was an experiment and that if it worked, I would open up my offerings to include the occasional encounter that is not long-term focused. If it didn’t work for me, then I wouldn’t. I decided it would be unfair to reveal that part to him though. Still, you have him to thank that this is now a possibility. I will add the offering to my site over the next few days.

As a Dominant Courtesan, I put myself, my whole self and nothing less into my encounters and do it all with love. So, whilst the connections I make with people are real, they are also intense and what goes up must come down. I did consider whether I was being slightly masochistic by offering one-off encounters but decided that I would rather enjoy great connections and feel sad at the separation than to not have had them at all.

Indeed, far be it for me to deny myself such wonderful experiences, even if I do land with a bump every now and then.


2 thoughts on “Bittersweet

  1. Lobo Rojo says:

    My Dear Miss Fitzgerald,
    Thank you for breaking your rules. The whole self that you present is absolutely wonderful; and for those lucky enough to squeak by and or under your radar and find a way in to the inner sanctum you are exponentially more than even you know! Thank you for all of Who You are!


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