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Love, Life, and Everything (aka Poetry)

I am (yet again) away, this time on a retreat with some lovely people in a beautiful house. To give you an idea of what I’ve been up to, here is a snippet of yesterday:

Me: “I think I left my flip-flops in your room. Do you mind if I go fetch them?

Him: “Not at all my love, I think you left your knickers in there too.”

That sums up my experience here pretty well thus far.

In my absence, I thought some of you might like to have a nosey at a new blog I am in the process of creating. It’s a work in progress and will house my poetry here:

My poetry is deeply personal and may go beyond what some of you expect from a Dominant Woman. I have always tried to present myself as more than a one-dimensional fantasy woman and my poems will certainly highlight that.

Mainly my poems focus on courtisanerie and past lovers but there is the occasional random one thrown in too. Not to mention some on a D/s theme.

For now, I have only added a couple and more will be published upon my return. Over time, I hope that it grows into a rich and vibrant home for all my poetry.


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