Tropical Travel Adventures

My female submissive and I are having quite an adventure so far and I’ll say more upon my return as we’re staying at a boutique hotel on a tiny island in the tropics.

A very refreshing post-hike dip under a waterfall in the rainforest.

A very refreshing post-hike dip under a waterfall in the rainforest.

I’m currently sat outside on our veranda writing this as the sound of waves gently lap against the shore. Luckily for us, and probably the other guests here too, we’re in a suite separate to everyone else and the sound of the lapping waves masks any noises from inside.

I’ve just been for my usual morning run along the beach but I’m letting her have a lie-in as she will need her energy for later. We look so innocent in our bikinis and sundresses, talking happily to the other guests, the locals and the staff yet little do they know that we’re really not that innocent at all. Well, I’m certainly not and I’m slowly corrupting her too.

Oh, what I’m sure you’d give to be a fly on these walls…


2 thoughts on “Tropical Travel Adventures

  1. Marc says:

    Fantastic Miss Olivia. I would give my total submission to be in the presence of you both. No doubt you could instruct her to join in as you humiliate me :))

    Does the female submissive know about and read your Blog? (I wonder if that is how she found you?) If so, will she be seeing her bottom on here at some point? ;-).

    I am incredibly pushed for time but will e-mail thoughts and fantasies as soon as I can.

    Thank you


    • Marc,

      I just read out your comment here to her and she smiled broadly. I would take that as a ‘yes’ from her. And yes, she knows about and reads my blog.

      As for her bottom, for now, that is just for me to enjoy ;-)

      I look forward to hearing your thoughts when you find the time.

      Kind regards,

      Miss Olivia


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