Courtesan, Fellow FemDom

Dominant Companion/Courtesan Guest Post

This week’s blog post comes to you from the enchanting Miss Violette Thorngate, a woman with whom I have enjoyed exchanging ideas and thoughts with on Female Domination, and specifically how that can be integrated with companionship to provide a more holistic approach. Since I have enjoyed her thoughts so much, I thought you would too…

In the spirit of the vibrant exchange of philosophy and inspiration
between us, Ms. Olivia has invited me to share a bit about my
perspective in advance of my visit to London.
I use the term Dominant Courtesan to explain my pleasure in the
exploration of a Dominant/submissive adventure or relationship that
unfolds organically. Echoing the courtesan archetype but with the power
dynamic more clearly defined, the emphasis is on the connection.
When recounting the virtues of the courtesans of the past, author
Susan Griffin discusses the enigmatic quality of charm. Charm appeals to
us because it is both the ability to please and to enchant as if by a
spell. “Faced with a charming woman, for instance, you will feel
yourself ceding control almost immediately.” A sense of warmth and of
opening up, revealing private thoughts and agreeing to things you would
never have imagined agreeing to. A woman of charm is a woman playing
with control, bewitching and delighting you. I adore the heady perfume
of hypnotic intimacy that comes from ritualistic spanking, from
completely seizing control of your senses, or from pushing the
boundaries of your submission.

Miss VT 2
The courtesan is courted for her conversation and ideas, her wit and
gaiety, her presence and attention. The Dominant seeks submission- to be
surrendered to and feel the electricity from something uncommon and
deep. For me, combining them means the liberty to share laughter over a
lovely meal and then your tears in my lap after something more intense.
Companionship builds a foundation of trust where encounters are less
transactional and more experiential. I have the context to be
multidimensional and to know you in your many dimensions.
Miss VT 1
For the Dominant companion or courtesan, it is rare and thrilling to
find another who does This Thing We Do and sees things in a similar
light. Even then there are both great and subtle differences in our
approach and what brings us joy. Thank you for the opportunity to offer
another perspective on Dominant courtesanerie and to share a bit of my
vision with your readers and friends.

To find out more about Miss Violette and her travels to London, see her website here.


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