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You Spin Me Round, Round…

I always appreciate it when a gent goes to extra lengths to ensure my happiness and comfort in life. In this case, we had planned a rendezvous at a secret location some six hours from London, which although would have been tiresome, it would have also been worth it.

However, he decided I would be much more comfortable arriving by helicopter instead, taking a mere hour and a half from London’s Heliport. My gent knew of my love of helicopter travel, which has been sadly lacking in my life over recent years and decided to charter one just for me. How exciting.

This is not my excited face. The photo opportunity for capturing my excited face was missed due to... excitement.

This is not my excited face. The photo opportunity for capturing my excited face was missed due to… excitement.

So, I arrived to tourists taking photographs of my getting out the helicopter, trying to figure out what celebrity I might be as staff came to help with my luggage, whisking me off to my suite.

What followed was a number of firsts for him; for us. His first experience of watersports; freshly showered thinking he was to get dressed for dinner, I marked him as my own before allowing him to air dry and then get ready for our black tie dinner and dance evening.

Putting in bolts and joists in the wall in preparation for play? No, just a large pot of chamomile tea in the sun lounge.

Putting in bolts and joists in the wall in preparation for play? No, just a large pot of chamomile tea in the sun lounge.

The following day, after a bracing morning swim and hearty breakfast, we played a highly unusual game of scrabble outside on our private terrace with the Erostek 232 and a sun umbrella covering us from the view of any other guest who might decide to try and take a peek where the (even more unusual) noises were coming from. I think I won in the end… of course. After returning the game before lunch, we saw a couple playing in the bar but they didn’t seem to be having half as much fun as we did. What a shame I couldn’t let them onto our secret.

Just need another M and an E.

Where is another M and an E when you need them?

From strap on play to a solitary discreet needle piercing his flesh under his dinner jacket the next night, the intention was to pierce and invade, to make more of him mine- if that were possible. I think I found a few crevices to curl myself into.

Alas, all too soon it was time to away and I left, yet still half there for the next day as I tried to focus on other things. Maybe I wasn’t the only one who had left their mark?


4 thoughts on “You Spin Me Round, Round…

  1. Hello Lovely Miss,
    I envy your position to be able to enjoy a fine helicopter ride! I think I envy more, however, your
    landing and evacuation from the bird. I’ve never had the pleasure of landing in a helicopter. Each
    ride I’ve been offered ended with me going out the door in flight! But hey, at least they gave me a
    rope and taught me how to tie a harness onto myself with it. You know, come to think of it, you might
    enjoy rappelling out of the helicopter next time you fly! It’s quite exciting. I suggest doing it without
    a heavy rucksack and rifle though, at least the first time!
    Your Wolf


  2. lobo1963 says:

    My Dearest Lovely Miss,

    I’m hoping that your scheduled trip has gone well and that you had an enjoyable time doing what it is you do! It is now next weekend as compared to your last post and I am on the edge of my seat wondering about you with a rifle! Are we going to get to hear about this here. As you know, I have a keen interest in rifles and pistols so I am really wondering how it went or is going! More importantly WHAT it is and how you are doing with it. I’m certain you’re the Annie Oakley of the UK and can just not contain my curiosity!

    Overall, however, I just want to drop in say hello and inquire as to your enjoyment level on your trip!

    Your Wolf Always


    • My dear Wolf,

      I had a great time- thank-you. I was only shooting a 20-bore and though I would like to say that it was a Browning or even better, a Purdey, it wasn’t. Not yet anyway…

      Not sure if you have Voxer back but I did send you a little photo last week of something that should make you smile when you see it….

      Ms Oakley


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