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The Boot Boy Hunt

It seems like every blog post is either me saying ‘I am away’ or ‘I have just come back’ and this one falls into the latter category. It is also a very quick post.

I have just come back from The Countryside for the weekend of shooting, eating and listening to Radio 4 with my family.

I always forget how beautiful it is out there, the rolling hills, the glorious sunsets, the fresh air, the views for miles… all of which I took for granted growing up there, desperate to escape the wider provincial attitudes for City Life. As a teenager, my more bohemian viewpoints on life, love and everything weren’t terribly appreciated by my conservative family.

These days, things are slightly different and I was able to share with my sister and father a short video I took from the helicopter as I approached my destination the other week, which they enjoyed immensely but both wisely knowing not to ask for any details of my trip.

Now that I have returned to Civilisation, I have hung up my tweed cap and ear defenders until the next time. My boots are in need of some dubbin and my Barbour could also do with a wax. However,  I have walked for miles and my feet are in need of a long massage.

Seriously, where is a boot boy when you need one?



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